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Testimonials from students and parents


Never Lost Interest Since Day One

Our daughter Jamie Mullen has attended American Ju-Jitsu Center for the past three months and has never lost interest since day one. She has tried other sports and has very good hand/eye coordination but we have never seen her show this much interest in any one sport. The instructors really take the time to work with the students through every level of their progress. My wife and I really appreciate how much emphasis is put on teaching respect to the students in the dojo, at school and at home. My daughter is always excited for her classes and cannot wait until her next time at the AJC dojo. Thanks for the commitment to our daughter and other students like her!

Mark & Christie Gray, parents


Teaching Kids Respect and Self-Discipline

"American Ju-Jitsu Center has taught our kids respect for adults and self-discipline.  In addition to learning karate, they are taught many other valuable life lessons.  Sensei Livan is responsible for our 8 year old refusing junk food and asking for healthy food choices.  Our kids know they must get good grades and make wise choices outside of the dojo in order to test for their next belt.  We strongly recommend AJC for anyone who is thinking of putting their child in a martial arts program."

Roberto and Christina Gomez, parents


They are Senseis Extraordinaire!

"What I love about AJC is the atmosphere of having Rock Star Senseis Livan, Mark, Rodriguez, and White.  They are Senseis Extraordinaire!  Not only are they talented, but they teach with skill and efficiency.  I enjoy seeing happy kids aspire to be like the Senseis, my son included!"

Sensei Justin Mebarak, student and parent


Thank You for Your Positive Influence!

"Our son, Kingston Uleve, started with AJC when he was 5 years old.  He is now 12 years old and testing for his black belt.  Mac played other sports throughout the years and would miss a month here and there but never gave up karate.  The confidence and respect he learned for others and himself definitely came from his experience at AJC.  Though we acknowledge the work and determination of our son Mac, we also know he is where he is at because of the Senseis and wonderful employees at American Ju-Jitsu Center.  We sincerely thank you for all your positive influences on our son and others!"

Mark Coleman and Tomila Quins, AJC parents


AJC Rocks!

"Practicing karate at AJC is my favorite pasttime!  Not only is it great exercise, I enjoy the katas and learning new techniques in sparring.  The Senseis are so incredibly good at teaching and practicing, they really inspire me!  My son loves the challenge of gaining stripes on his belt and is motivated by all the talent at the dojo.  AJC rocks!"

Divan Marsce, MAI student and parent

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San Juan, Puerto Rico.

April 17-18, 2015

Redland's Invitational

Miami, Florida.
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