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Dojo Update October 2013

AJC Voted Homestead’s Best 3rd Year in A Row!


-        The Professional Martial Arts Association Votes AJC Homesteads Best Karate School for the 2nd straight year!

AJC Named DCF Top 10 Program – 2nd Year in a Row!

-        The Department of Children & Families Annual Review Ranks AJC in the top 10 Afterschool Care Program in Homestead Florida City!

Aftercare Reminder

-        All students must purchase their own chucks no later than Monday, October 7

o   Foam Practice Chucks - $8 for one

o   Int/Advance Competition Chucks - $65 a pair

o   Bo Staff - $30

-        All Cage Fitness students must purchase their own gloves - $45

AJC Master’s Club

We want to congratulate the following students on joining the AJC Masters Club these students will receive a distinguishing patch for there uniforms!!

-        Masters Club Includes: New Red Masters Uniform, Kids Cage Fitness Classes, Open Gymnastics Classes, 1 Weapons Class & ALL Testing Fees

-        Antonio Garcia, Jakeem Washington, & Brady Shroyer

Cheer Parents Meeting Tuesday, October 8, 2013

AJC Transformer Decals are Available

-        We now have AJC newly designed AJC Cheer & AJC Transformer Stickers available in several colors, decals are $5 each or two for $8

o   Pink, Red, Orange, Neon Green

Orange & High-Orange Belts to Change Class Time

-        Effective Monday, October 7, 2014 all Orange and High Orange Belts will be taking class at from 6:45 to 7:45 with the intermediate class!

SPECIAL SALE Face Shield $40

-        We have a special sale for Face Shields  this monthly only $40 regular price is $50.

October Belt Testing

-        Wednesday, October 14,  2013 – White Uniform & for Exam

o   Intermediate & Advanced (Test Part 1) - will test from 5:45 PM to 7:00 PM

-        Wednesday, October  16, 2013 – White Uniform & Hakama for Exam

o   Intermediate & Advanced Test  (Test Part 2) - will test from 5:45 PM to 7:00 PM

-        Thursday, October 17, 2013 – Students MUST WEAR FULL Black Uniform

o   Afterschool Tiny Tigers                              -               will test from 4:15 PM to 4:45 PM

o   Afterschool Beginners                                             -               will test from 4:45 PM to 5:30PM

o   TINY TIGERS                                            -               will test from 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM

o   Beginners Class                                          -               will test from 6:00 PM to 6:45 PM

o   Intermediate Class                                      -               will test from 6:45 PM to 7:45 PM

o   Teen & Adult Class                                    -               will test from 7:45 PM to 8:45 PM

Friday, October 18, 2013 – Graduation Day – Students MUST WEAR FULL Uniform - Graduation to be held at 6:15PM!

Testing Fee’s

Belt Testing will be $30.00; Tip Testing will be $5.00

Embroidered Belts $15.00 Additional - Orders should be place two weeks prior

o    All Payments Must Be Made Prior To Graduation Date

Follow us or Join us!

For the most up to date Camp Information, please look us up on the following social media!

-        Facebook: Kyoshi Livan Concepcion                - Facebook Fan Page: American Ju-Jitsu Center

-        Instagram: Kyoshi_Livan                                             - Twitter: @KyoshiLivanAJC

Doshi Marielys Competition Sword Sale!

-        We have Doshi Marielys Competition Sword on sale for  $300 with a sword bag, Regular Rate is $350!

Cheer Team Try Outs begin, Monday October 14

MIAMI HEAT DEMO TRYOUT Tuesday, October 15

-        Thursday, October 10 – Doshi Marielys will hold a brief information session and rehearsal

Two Teams WILL Perform This Year – ALL Students 4 & Older from Whites Up are encouraged to try out

-        TEAM AA Requirements

o   Must perform a 30 sec Open Forms with own Music

o   Form must include

§  At least one inverted move i.e. aerial, round off back handspring

§  Several advanced kicks i.e. chicken kicks jump front, hurricane kick, or tornado quick

§  Both closed and open handed strikes

§  must have a weapon

·        Points will be awarded based on overall strength, speed, intensity, poise, & showmanship

-        TEAM A Requirements

o   Can Perform ANY Kata they know

o   Form must include

§  Must Show Stances i.e. front stance or back stance

§  Demonstrate Proper kicks i.e. front kick or back kick

§  Demonstrated proper punches with power & intensity

§  Demonstrate loud kia’s and intensity in moves

§  Extra Points Awarded for Weapons Performance

·        Points will be awarded based on overall strength, speed, intensity, poise, & showmanship

1st TIMERS Private Lessons SPECIAL Saturday October 19 & 26

-         Doshi will be available for private lessons on these dates for a onetime special rate of $50 for both days!

-         Kyoshi will be available for private lessons on these dates for a onetime special rate of $60 for both days!

Somerset So Ho Fall Festival Demonstration, Saturday October 19

Our Demonstration Team & Competitive Cheer Team will be performing at the please stop by and support them by wearing your AJC T-shirts!

Tuesday October 22, 2013- Friends, Family, & Parents Night

Family night is an activity for parents, brothers, sisters, relatives or even neighbors and friends to participate in class with their child.  Each student that brings a guest will receive a gold star for their uniform!

-        Tiny Tigers - 5:30PM to 6:00 PM

-        White to High Orange Belts – 6:00 PM to 6:45 PM

-        Low Blue to High Green – 6:45 PM to 7:45 PM

-        Teen/Adults & Cage Fitness – 7:45 to 8:45 PM

Keys Gate Fall Festival Demonstration, Saturday October 26, 2013

Our Demonstration Team & Competitive Cheer Team will be performing at the please stop by and support them by wearing your AJC T-shirts

Belt Advancement Camp’s October 25 (Only 25 Spaces Available)

-        TEACHER WORKDAY’s, October 25, November 8, January 17, February 7, March 21, April 18

o   Drop off time 7:00 AM, Pick up by 6:30 PM - The Cost is $30.00 per day, TESTING FEE’S ARE SEPARATE

-        Note: Current aftercare Students only pay $5.00 for Lunch!

AJC Safe Fall Party & Scare House!

Thursday, October 31, 2013, Doshi Marielys, Sensei Leylani and the Kick for College foundation will be hosting a safe party & Scare house for the kids of AJC, to raise funds for the foundation!

o   Party admission is $3.00 & Scare house admission is $2

§  Donations of Candy requested, volunteers for the scare house also needed. Please contact Doshi Marielys for more information! All proceeds will benefit the KICK for College Fund!

12th Annual Anniversary Awards Dinner, Dojo Show & AJC Christmas Party

-        Saturday, December 7, 2013, Redland Golf & Country Club

-        Only 100 Tickets Available, TICKETS GO ON SALE NOW!

-        This year we will combine our annual show with our Christmas party!

-        “Every student who attends this year will be included in this years show;

-        Practices begin this month during regular classes”

Program Description:

This year the annual dinner will celebrate all of our new and advance student accomplishments.  We will share the great success of our students together with music, entertainment, and food.  Every child will be acknowledged for their hard work while the parents take the opportunity to share some laughs and celebrate their accomplishments.   In addition we take the time to recognize those parents that have contributed to making the dojo a success. Friends and family members are invited!


Annual Program Dedications & Ad’s go on Sale -  Wednesday, October 9, 2013

We want to remind parents not to leave vehicles in right of away please park in designated spaces. This is a major safety concern especially for the smaller children whom cannot see around your vehicles


BOOT CAMP Saturdays Return, October 19 & 26, 2013

-        Only $10 per class, 8 AM to 10 AM - Come get ready for the Holiday Season Early!


Team AJC Garage Sale – November 2, 2013

Please Support our parent garage sale the funds raise will go directly to students for.

o   New Team Uniforms

o   Irish Open International Karate Tournament in Dublin, Ireland



-        We want to remind parents not to leave vehicles in right of away please park in designated spaces. This is a major safety concern especially for the smaller children whom cannot see around your vehicles.


Lost & Found – (please check box)

-        Dear Parents please take the time to check the lost and found box for any of your children’s items.

-        We will be donating all items that are not picked up to Goodwill on Friday, October 11, 2013


Weapons Class Changes – Students must have own WEAPONS for these classes!

-        Beginner Chuck Class - Monday & Wednesday 4:15 to 4:45

-        Bo Class – Monday & Wednesday 4:45 to 5:15

-        Advanced/Team Chuck Class - Monday & Wednesday 5:15 to 5:45

-        Advanced/Team SWORD Class - Fridays 4:30 to 5:30


§  Beginner Chucks are $8 – for 1

§  Intermediate/Advance Chucks are $70 a pair


Self-Defense Fitness Classes by Kyoshi

Classes for Teens & Parents

-        Teen & Adult Self Defense: Tuesday & Thursday 7:45 to 8:15 PM

-        Adult Cage Fitness: Tuesday & Thursday 8:15 to 8:45  PM

-        AJC–X 10 Week Fitness Program Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:15 PM

Classes for Kids

-        Kids Cage Fitness – Monday & Wednesdays – 4:45 PM , Fridays 6:30 PM

-        Kids Continuous MMA/Boxing Classes – Monday & Wednesdays – 5:15 PM


Judo/Grappling Classes are Friday

We will have traditional Judo & grappling classes Fridays, from 8 to 9 PM – MUST WEAR A GI-TOP!


AJC Cheer & Karate Book Bags are Available!

-        Basic Book Bags are $40

-        X-Large Capacity are $45


Black Belt Classes

The focus will be on Black Belt Self Defense these classes will be held bi-monthly for black belts only from 8:15 to 9:15 PM

-        September 4, September 18, October 2, October 16, November 6, November 20, December 4, December 18



Aftercare Snack Cards

-        We prefer for students not to bring cash to reduce the possibility of loss.

-        We have available for purchase pre-paid snack cards which will allow students to use money which parents have deposited for them in $10.00 increments to purchase additional drinks or snacks from our vending machines.


Head Gear, Mouth Piece, & Cups – Needed Fridays

-        Mouthpieces must be worn by all students on Fridays and are $3.00 each.

-        Cups must be worn by all male students on Fridays and are $10.00 each.

-        Head gear must be worn by all male students on Fridays and are $35.00 each.



Dojo Birthday Parties (LET US TAKE CARE OF IT FOR YOU!)

Parents are you tired of running all around town putting together a birthday party, then spending an entire day after the party cleaning up the mess.

-        We have the solution for your child’s party.

-        We will take care of the set up, we will entertain the children, and you get to freely mingle with the parents.

-        Best of all we will take care of all the clean up after the party.

A Standard 2 hour Party, for up to 25 Children is only $250.00 and includes: Pastelitos, croquettes, a Cake, and an Instructor, how will play Games and provide Entertainment, a gift for all the participants, and a special gift for the Birthday Child.


FREE Demonstrations – (We will include your child in our demo)

Our Demonstration Team thoroughly enjoys performing for large groups and audiences

We offer this as a completely free service to any of our students or families.

If you are interested in having our team perform at your event, party, school festival, etc. please feel free to let us know!



Dojo Championships, Saturday November 2, 2013


-        9:00 AM 7 & Under

-        10:00 AM Cheerleaders & AJC Demo Team Perform

-        11:00 AM 8 & Older Championship

o   All Students required Mouth Piece, All 17 & Under Required Face Shield

o   All Males Athletic Supporter & Cup

o   All Students Need Karate Pants, Belt, & AJC Shirt (Jerseys or Built Tough Shirt Please)

o   Cheerleaders are required Complete Cheer Uniform with Bow & ALL WHITE Tennis Shoes!

§  COST IS $25 Per Competitor Or Completion of a Dojo Scratch OFF “SEE Kyoshi”

§  ACTIVE Team Members & Black Belts only pay $10


Sparring Seminar for all students November 2, 2013

-        ONLY $25  per student, 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

-        AJC will be hosting  a three long Point Sparring Seminar for ALL Students!

o   The Coach of Team Velocity Sensei Murphy Gonzalez will be conducting the seminar along with THE AJC BLACK BELTS


Veterans Day - Monday, November 11, 2013

The dojo will be closed in observance of this holiday!


6 Week Super Intensive AJC-X –Pre-Holiday Fitness Program - EACH Class 1 Hr – Nov 13

Below you can see our new 6 week program only $ 20 per week

-        Weeks 1, 3 - Biggest Looser Weeks & Fitness Challenge Weeks

o   Its all about dropping weight on the scale, who can loose the most!

-        Weeks 2, 4 - Abs, Arms, Legs Weeks

o   Its all about toning & sculpting these target areas to reaching your Greatest Potential!

-        Weeks 3,6 -  Strength & Circuit Training Weeks

o   Its time to increase strength and muscle mass so that you can hit with more power!

If you are serious about getting fit fast this will be the quickest and most efficient way to reach your personal goals!


Wings & Mud Picnic, Saturday, November 16, 2013 AJC’s must exciting Family Event!

-        This is known as AJC’s most exciting and memorable family event, join us at South Dade Park, 2:00 PM


Early Release Day December 12, 2013

-        3rd to 7th Grades – 12:30 PM and Kindergarten to 2nd Grades – 1:00 PM

-        Hot Dog or Pizza Lunch will be available, $5- including Juice & Chips

o   Feb 13, March 13, April 17



AJC-X Fitness 10 Week Program for Parents & Teens

Is now in session first class is free

-        The program is 10 weeks long and will focus on weight management as well as fitness! 

-        AJC-Xtreme fitness classes will be held on Monday & Wednesday from 8:15 to 8:45 PM, and Friday from 8 to 830 PM

-        Only $20 every two weeks!

-        It’s time to get fit & ready for the AJC 2014 dojo trip to Punta Cana, DR


Redlands T-Shirt’s On Sale Only $5

-        $5 only while supplies last!




San Juan, Puerto Rico.

April 17-18, 2015

Redland's Invitational

Miami, Florida.
You're only the best when you compete with the best

4 Seasons Martial Arts Tour